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From The Keyboard Of: Metu Jude

Dear Friends,

Consider yourself fortunate to be here at this time because you  are at the right place at the right time, about to get a peanut what others has been paying tens of thousands of naira to get!

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 The aspect of GSM, INTERNET and OFFLINE business had been the exclusive right of few individuals and corporate organization who will do anything to keep it secret away from you! But trust me, I'm going to expose it step-by-step with nothing hidden.

 You could follow the same procedure that I used and watch as you make your First N50k-N100k in the next one month if you are serious.

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Many people are new to the use of the Internet. Most people do not go beyond checking their emails, chatting online, doing research work, submitting CVs and sending greeting cards to friends and loved ones. Especially as it concerns Nigerians, over 95% do not have the slightest idea that they can earn a great living legally working from the comforts of their homes.

 Most times, it is nearly impossible to convince a lot of people that what you are doing online is not fraud, advanced fee fraud, 419, Yahoo, Yahoo.I have personally had a lot of challenges about what exactly I do online since I initially visited Cybercafee and work for as long as 4 – 6 hours per day in my quest to crack the code to legally earning a living on the Internet.

 One of the purposes of my special report reveals is to dispel and dis-abuse people’s minds and especially my close friends, acquaintances, my prospects and customers, the preconception about this whole new world of Information Marketing.

 My mission is to create enough awareness about this wonderful income opportunity so that the majority of “lay about” and unemployed graduates and smart people will embrace it and be financially free.

 If you are reading my Goldmine Report reveals, then you are one of luckiest individual, because if you apply what you will study from this e-manual, your life will never be the same again.

 I have researched, bought and studied different e-books to know the secret of using the internet to make good living for over 4 years now and from my latest discovery I discovered that it is real to make money right sitting comfortable at home.

 To start with, I need to let you know that it is absolutely possible to make decent online income in these lucrative business as long as you are ready to stay focus  and have the right mindset.

 Today, I want to tell you that you can actually make it online because internet  have given opportunity to anyone that has a computer and internet access unlimited opportunity of becoming rich.

 Remember...! This is not a QUICK CASH SYSTEM you see all over the internet that promises to make you millionaire overnight but a solid ways to put more money in your bank account in moderate form without too much stress but  a smarter  and invisible movement to

                                                          Figures And Facts

Victor Ede,
Agricultural Farmer,

Still More Facts and Figures from satisfied Customer

Oh! busyincome, How come you know about online marketing stuff,Infact i have been respecting you for awhile because you know your onions. Thank so much for showing me the way.I recommend the program to any serious entrepreneurs to just give it trial.

Gbenga Adeyemi

If you think that any of the below questions is bothering you, then this letter is the most important letter you would have read in your entire life. Why these statement? The reason is because I have been there and I have discovered a closely guarded "secret" to making a legitimate earning online.

    *  If You Have Lost t Tons Of Money To Hungry And Smart Persons Who Claim To Enrich
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    *  Are You Tired Of The So Many Scams And Fraud Perpetrated Online In The Name Of
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    *   The Unemployed or Underemployment

    *   Retrenched or Need More Money To Substantiate Your Monthly Salary

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    *   Have You Wished There Is A Surefire And Easy System To Make Money On The Internet?

 Now let me start by telling you that since you have reading to these extend shows that you are interested to know all the materials that will enrich your life.You will be able to make money from home - no more dealing with rush hour traffic or the expense and worries of the day care!

I have selected an impressing topics of interest and have made serious efforts to make it as simple as possible for even a 14 year kid can understand. if you really want to make money online whether full time or part time even you are not computer literate these program is for you.

 Here's what you will learn  when you order my "Emergency Cash System" Now:

 You are about to discover how to turn information into 24 hours Non stop money minting machine like ATM. Even when you are sleeping peacefully at Night, right at the comfort of your room. With this simple  strategies there is no way you will go poor again, even if you are complete dummy.

Strategy 1:
How To package information in "PDF FILES FORMAT" and change your bank account into a money dumping ground.We these alone you have started an office  and the start up product I will  give to you. If you have all these then congrats.

Strategy 2: How  to place Google adverts on your webpages or blog site. With these system Google will pay you a certain percentage for allowing their  adverts on your site.These system work  whenever someone click on adverts that appear on your site or blog without them buying or selling anytime you get some percentage for helping Google to place ads on your site. It is called Google

Strategy 3: How to start making money on the Internet as a football Fans.
Are You a Chelsea fans,  Arsenal Fans, Barca Fans, Manchester United Fans etc. Discover how you can make money   as a football fans whenever there is Football competitions such as Premier League, Champions Cup,World Cup, FA Cup,La Liga League, Caring Cup, Italian league and
many more league you could ever think of.

Strategy 4:-“17 Days Step By Step Guide to Making Your Buck Online Using FREE Blogs And Clickbank  Account.This concept will not only show you how to design free blog but will teach you step-by-step strategies on how to open clickbank account as an affiliate and how to receive your check right here in Nigeria.Not To Forget You Are Dealing Internationally.

Strategy 5:  How To Become Super Affiliate Internationally - Affiliate Marketer's Handbook : Your A To Z Guide To Becoming A Super Affiliate. These system guide you on how you can market another person's products without buying or tested it and pocket in your  commissions.

 Strategy 6: Money In The Bank In 17 Days e-Book - I want to show you how you can make  weekly from online Forums. Do you know what Forums is all about.  It is a discussion website where you meet different kind of people and tap your income from them.

Strategy 7: Broadband Internet Connection on your PC with your phone as a modem. This eBook will show you how to configure your phone and laptop to browse the internet using 3G/GPRS  network of the GSM service providers on your pc at a cheap, flexible and affordable price.

Strategy 8: Domain Name Riches! ...A killer Guide in Selling Domain Names!  What if there is a system so simple,yet so powerfully effective at generating instant income online? And what if you could get started in less than a couple of hours and with no more than $9.00 in your pocket?

Strategy 9:
The Insider’’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits.How You Can Start Making Money In Your Way to CPA business.The easiest and fastest Ways Of Making Money From The Internet  Is Through CPA Program.

Strategy 10: How To Make Up To Dollars In 30Days Writing  Articles Online.If you can Write,Design and Program.Many Freelancer Company Will Help You Job Everyday and You pocket
your money in "BUCK".

Strategy 11: Beginner's Guide To Internet Riches- The Quick And Easy Guide To Starting Your Own  Internet Business In Under 3 Hour.
Please Note That You Can Only Benefit From These Super Bonuses If You Are One Of The lucky People To Take Action And ORDER Within Two Weeks!


This huawei unlocker software can be use to flash phones even if you want to start GSM business  as a software repairer is a great move of putting more cash in your pocket if you are less broke financially.

    How To Print GSM Recharge Cards With Less Than N10,000 and Make Up to N50,000     
        monthly. This eBook covers:

    * 5 companies that will help YOU in this business;

    * Where you can print recharge cards direct from your email address;

    *  Cheap Laptop Guide- In this fully packed guide, you will discover the untold truths about how to buy cheap laptop for as low as N6,000and as high as N25,000 and how  you can sell them for a minium of N40,000 to others.

    *  Laptop Repair Guide- This is the pictorial step-by-step guide of repairing laptops computers EVEN if you have not held a screw driver before in your life.


So if I tell you to pay N50,000 I will be justified. After all, people have paid as much as that to attend seminars.

But I won't tell you to pay that much. Why should I? I know that not all of us are financially buoyant. I was once like that. So i know where the shoe pinches.

So how much is a fair price?

So I will make it very affordable for serious entrepreneurs. You will have to pay the sum of Three thousand five hundred naira only (N3,500)

Yes you saw it right. With just N3,500 the package and your super bonuses will be shipped to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. You will also be getting all the tools needed to build your own business.

Invest in your future, by making a payment of N3,500 for all the package but if you wish to pay for single product the price is N2000.

Just paid the required amount and state which strategies which  you pay for into the bank account information below:

                     ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS


Pay N3,500 into our bank account with the information below:

Access Bank (Any Branch Nationwide)
Account Name: Metu Chukwudi Jude.
Account Number:100-551-0287

After payment, text "Payment Made For Emergency Cash Machine" for all products or "Strategy No" with your name, email address and Teller number to: 0806 583 5449 or send an email to

As soon as I receive the above information plus confirmation from the bank, I'll direct you on how to download "EMERGENCY CASH SYSTEM E-MANUAL"  or Single products Strategy within the next 5 hours.

Your Investment In My Package Is Risk FREE!

                    You Are Covered By Cybernaut Concepts. 
             No Bull, No Questions Asked, No Quibble, No Beef,    
                    NO RISK. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Now, let me put your mind at rest by placing the entire risk on my shoulders. If for any reason, you are not ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED with the report  OR YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE that it can help you achieve your internet dreams, then you are free to request for a refund of your money.
No questions to be asked, just your money back.

To Your Financial Success,
Jude Metu
Cybernaut Concept.